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The Listing Rules (LR) are a set of regulations applicable to any company listed on a United Kingdom stock exchange, subject to the oversight of the UK Listing Authority (UKLA). The Listing Rules set out mandatory standards for any company wishing to list its shares or securities for sale to the public, including principles on executive pay and the requirement to comply or explain noncompliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code, the requirements of information in a prospectus before an initial public offering of shares, new share offers, rights issues, disclosure of price sensitive information, or takeover bids for companies.

In October 2010 the UKLA was part of the Financial Services Authority, however after the FSA's abolition, it became part of the newly formed Financial Conduct Authority


  • LR 1, Preliminary: All securities
  • LR 2, Requirements for listing: All securities
  • LR 3, Listing applications: All securities
  • LR 4, Listing particulars for professional securities market and certain other securities: All securities
  • LR 5, Suspending, cancelling and restoring listing: All securities
  • LR 6, Additional requirements for premium listing (commercial company)
  • LR 7, Listing principles: Premium listing
  • LR 8, Sponsors: Premium listing
  • LR 9, Continuing obligations
  • LR 10, Significant transactions: Premium listing
  • LR 11, Related party transactions: Premium listing
  • LR 12, Dealing in own securities and treasury shares: Premium listing
  • LR 13, Contents of circulars: Premium listing
  • LR 14, Standard listing (shares)
  • LR 15, Closed-ended investment funds: Premium listing
  • LR 16, Open-ended investment companies: Premium listing
  • LR 17, Debt and debt-like securities: Standard listing
  • LR 18, Certificates representing certain securities: Standard listing
  • LR 19, Securitised derivatives: Standard listing
  • LR 20, Miscellaneous securities: Standard listing
  • LR App 1, Relevant definitions
  • LR App 2, Fees and financial penalty income
  • LR App 3, List of regulatory information services
  • LR transchedule, Transitional Provisions


The London Stock Exchange has had a long tradition of self-regulation. Previous versions of the same kinds of rules were known as the rules on "Admission of Securities to Quotations" or "Admission of Securities to Listing".

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