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Listography logo.jpg
Web address
Type of site
Social network service
Registration Required / free
Available in English
Owner Private
Created by Lisa Nola
Launched 2006

Listography is a series of journals created by Lisa Nola and published by Chronicle Books. It is also a web application which allows users to create and share lists. Through list-making, users can shape an autobiography and create references for themselves and others. Some common types of lists are: autobiographical, favorites, motivational, wishlists, to do lists, catalogues, and photo lists. and the Listography book were featured in Boing Boing Television's premiere as a place to capture one's autobiography in lists.

Nearing a million copies sold, the first Listography book was published in October of 2007. A Listography tabletop game is slated for release in 2016. The Listography series has been translated into five languages and is the term "listography" is trademarked.[citation needed]

List of titles[edit]

  • Listography Journal: Your Life in Lists (2007)
  • My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists (2008)
  • Love Listography: Your Love Life in Lists (2008)
  • Music Listography Journal: Your Life in (Play)Lists (2009)
  • Friends Listography: Our Lives in Lists (2010)
  • My Future Listography: All I Hope to Do in Lists (2011)
  • Film Listography: Your Life in Movie Lists (2012)
  • Parenthood Listography: My Kid in Lists (2013)
  • Travel Listography: Exploring the World in Lists (2013)
  • Literary Listography: My Reading Life in Lists (2014)
  • Food Listography: My Delicious Life in Lists (2015)
  • Spirit Listography: My Inner Self in Lists (to be released on 26 July 2016)


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