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Film reels in the Cinemateca Portuguesa.

This is a list of film archives and cinematheques. Film archives collect, restore, investigate and conserve audiovisual content like films, documentaries, television programs and newsreel footage. Often, every country has its own film archive to preserve the national audiovisual heritage. The International Federation of Film Archives comprises more than 150 institutions in over 77 countries and the Association of European Film Archives and Cinematheques is an affiliation of 44 European national and regional film archives founded in 1991.


  • European Film Gateway provides quick and easy access to hundreds of thousands of film historical documents as preserved in European film archives and cinémathèques: photos, posters, programmes, periodicals, censorship documents, rare feature and documentary films, newsreels and other materials. It is still a beta version and provides access to about 30 film archives.





Burkina Faso[edit]




Czech Republic[edit]


  • Eritrea Research and Documentation Centre



















New Zealand[edit]




The Philippines established its first national film archive which opened in October 2011.[1]


  • Iriba Center for Multimedia Heritage







South Africa[edit]

South Korea[edit]

Sri Lanka[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]


Name Description Website Coordinates Country Image
Afghan Film film archive in Afghanistan Afghanistan
Anthology Film Archives film archive in New York City 40°43′29″N 73°59′24″W / 40.7247°N 73.9901°W / 40.7247; -73.9901 United States of America
Anthology Film Archives.jpg
Archives New Zealand 41°16′38″S 174°46′48″E / 41.277167°S 174.78°E / -41.277167; 174.78 New Zealand
Arkivi Qendror Shteteror I Filmit film archive in Albania 41°20′47″N 19°50′48″E / 41.34637°N 19.846571°E / 41.34637; 19.846571 Albania
Armenian National Cinematheque film archive in Armenia Armenia
Asian Film Archive film archive based in Singapore Singapore
Audiovisual Archive of the Democratic and Labour Movement Italy
Australian Centre for the Moving Image 37°49′03″S 144°58′08″E / 37.8176°S 144.969°E / -37.8176; 144.969 Australia
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (logo).svg
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive art museum & archive in Berkeley, California United States of America
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.jpeg
Bulgarian National Film Archive 41°42′28″N 23°19′44″E / 41.70777778°N 23.32888889°E / 41.70777778; 23.32888889 Bulgaria
Celestial's Shaw Brothers Film Library
Centre Algerien de la Cinematographie film archive in Algeria[permanent dead link] Algeria
Centro Galego de Artes da Imaxe 43°22′04″N 8°24′17″W / 43.36772222°N 8.40477778°W / 43.36772222; -8.40477778 Spain
Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Italy
China Film Archive film archive in China People's Republic of China
Cinemateca Argentina film archive in Argentina Argentina
Cinemateca Boliviana Bolivia
Cinemateca Brasileira Brazil
Cinemateca de Cuba Cuba
Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna film archive in Brazil[permanent dead link] Brazil
Cinemateca Nacional del Ecuador film archive in Ecuador Ecuador
Cinemateca Portuguesa 38°43′15″N 9°08′56″W / 38.72092222°N 9.14879444°W / 38.72092222; -9.14879444 Portugal
Exterior da Cinemateca Portuguesa (versão 1).png
Cinemateca Uruguaya 34°54′23″S 56°10′53″W / 34.906474°S 56.181408°W / -34.906474; -56.181408 Uruguay
Cinematek Belgium
Cinémathèque royale.jpg
Cinémathèque d'Andalousie Spain
Filmoteca de Andalucía, Córdoba.jpg
Cinémathèque de Bretagne France
Cinémathèque de Grenoble 45°11′35″N 5°43′34″E / 45.193°N 5.726°E / 45.193; 5.726 France
Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg Luxembourg
Cinémathèque du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais France
Cinémathèque Française museum 48°50′13″N 2°22′57″E / 48.836944444444°N 2.3825°E / 48.836944444444; 2.3825 France
Cinémathèque Méliès France
Cinémathèque nationale de Pologne Poland
Cinémathèque nationale italienne Italy
Cinémathèque québécoise 45°30′50″N 73°33′45″W / 45.5139°N 73.5625°W / 45.5139; -73.5625 Canada
Cinematheque quebecoise.JPG
Cinémathèque régionale de Bourgogne Jean Douchet France
Cinémathèque suisse cinematheque in Penthaz (Switzerland) 46°31′14″N 6°37′30″E / 46.520555555556°N 6.625°E / 46.520555555556; 6.625 Switzerland
Casino Montbenon.jpg
Cineteca di Bologna Italy
Cineteca Nacional Mexican Film Archives 19°21′40″N 99°09′53″W / 19.36112778°N 99.16460278°W / 19.36112778; -99.16460278 Mexico
Cineteca Universidad de Chile Chile
Croatian Film Archive Croatia
Czech Film Archive film archive in the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Staré Město, Bartolomějská 11, konvikt, bio Konvikt - Ponrepo.jpg
Danish Film Institute 55°41′00″N 12°34′43″E / 55.6831953°N 12.578504°E / 55.6831953; 12.578504 Denmark
DBCult Film Institute Italy
DEFA Film Library United States of America
Deutsche Kinemathek voluntary association 52°30′35″N 13°22′25″E / 52.5096°N 13.3735°E / 52.5096; 13.3735 Germany
Deutsche Kinemathek 2.jpg
Deutsches Filmarchiv Germany
Dovlat Film Fond Azerbaijan
EYE Film Institute Netherlands Dutch archive and museum for cinema 52°23′04″N 4°54′02″E / 52.384411°N 4.900594°E / 52.384411; 4.900594 Netherlands
EYE Filmmuseum.jpg
Film Reference Library Canada
Filmarchiv Austria Austria
Filmmuseum Austria cinemateque in Vienna 48°12′17″N 16°22′06″E / 48.2047°N 16.3683°E / 48.2047; 16.3683 Austria
Österreichisches Filmmuseum.jpg
Filmoteca Canaria
Filmoteca de Albacete Spain
Filmoteca de Catalunya film archive in Catalunya, Spain 41°22′36″N 2°10′33″E / 41.37675833°N 2.17574167°E / 41.37675833; 2.17574167 Spain
Filmoteca de Catalunya-seu Raval.JPG
Filmoteca de Extremadura Spain
Filmoteca Española Spain
Cine Doré.jpg
Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano Colombia
German Broadcasting Archive archive Germany
German Federal Archives German federal archives Germany
Bundesarchiv Koblenz.jpg
Greek Film Archive 37°58′51″N 23°42′45″E / 37.9809°N 23.7125°E / 37.9809; 23.7125 Greece
Haghefilm Foundation Netherlands
Harvard Film Archive 42°22′25″N 71°06′53″W / 42.37365278°N 71.11473889°W / 42.37365278; -71.11473889 United States of America
Carpenter center.jpg
Hong Kong Film Archive film archive in Hong Kong 22°17′06″N 114°13′19″E / 22.2851°N 114.222°E / 22.2851; 114.222 People's Republic of China
Hong Kong Film Archive01.jpg
Institut Lumière 45°44′43″N 4°52′13″E / 45.74521111°N 4.87040833°E / 45.74521111; 4.87040833 France
Institut national de l'audiovisuel France
Instituto Valenciano de Cinematografía Spain
Irish Film Archive Ireland
Jerusalem Cinematheque 31°46′12″N 35°13′34″E / 31.76990556°N 35.22606111°E / 31.76990556; 35.22606111 Israel
Kinemathek Bern museum in Bern (Switzerland) 46°56′26″N 7°26′32″E / 46.94049°N 7.44218°E / 46.94049; 7.44218 Switzerland
Sandrainstrasse 3.jpg
Kinemathek Jean-Marie Boursicot S.A. cinematheque in Crissier (Switzerland) Switzerland
Korean Film Archive South Korea
National Archives of Estonia 58°22′42″N 26°42′49″E / 58.37826667°N 26.71350833°E / 58.37826667; 26.71350833 Estonia
National Audiovisual Institute governmental bureau under the Finnish Ministry of Education Finland
National Film and Sound Archive Australia’s audiovisual archive 35°16′59″S 149°07′16″E / 35.283°S 149.121°E / -35.283; 149.121 Australia
National Film and Sound Archive.jpg
National Film Archive of India India
National Film Registry selection of films for preservation in the US Library of Congress United States of America
National Museum of Cinema Italian motion picture museum 45°04′08″N 7°41′35″E / 45.06888889°N 7.69305556°E / 45.06888889; 7.69305556 Italy
National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Film Centre state-owned film archive and laboratory in Ukraine Ukraine
Dovzhenko Centre building.JPG
New Zealand Film Archive 41°17′37″S 174°46′41″E / 41.293656°S 174.777939°E / -41.293656; 174.777939 New Zealand
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision.jpg
Norwegian Film Institute Norwegian film institute 59°54′34″N 10°44′45″E / 59.90944444°N 10.74583333°E / 59.90944444; 10.74583333 Norway
Filmenshus oslo.jpg
Pablo Ducrós Hicken Film Museum film archive in Argentina 34°37′19″S 58°22′16″W / 34.62208333°S 58.37116667°W / -34.62208333; -58.37116667 Argentina
Staatliches Filmarchiv der DDR East Germany
Swedish Film Institute foundation Sweden
Svenska Filminstitutet - Filmhuset - Borgvägen 1.jpg
Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images Sweden
Tel Aviv Cinematheque Israel
PikiWiki Israel 33775 Tel Aviv Cinematheque.JPG
Thai Film Archive Thailand
National Film Archive of Thailand.jpg
The Radharc Archive film archive in Ireland Ireland
Vatican Film Library Vatican City
Yugoslav Film Archive Serbia
מדיטק 32°00′43″N 34°46′38″E / 32.011944444444°N 34.777222222222°E / 32.011944444444; 34.777222222222 Israel

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