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Other namesOphelia Marcus
OccupationWebcam model

Ophelia Marcus, better known as LittleRedBunny, is a camgirl.[1] In 2015 she was described by The Daily Beast as "The Queen of Cam Girls".[2]


LittleRedBunny describes herself as a lifetime New Yorker.[2] She got into the business of webcam adult entertainment while she was a university student, utilizing her background in classical ballet and yoga to perform on the Internet. Since 2009 she has been working in the adult entertainment industry[3] on the LiveJasmin website.[4] She earns her income by selling private, one-on-one webcam sessions to fans.[2] She says that she has held private webcam sessions that have lasted up to 19 hours.[5]

The winner of the inaugural 2014 AVN Fan Award for "Favorite Webcam Girl" and the 2013 Sex Award for "Webcam Girl of the Year",[6][7] LittleRedBunny received a "Best Webcam Girl" award at the 2013 Sex Awards[6][8] and the "Favorite Webcam Girl" award at the 2014 AVN Awards.[9]

In August 2014, LittleRedBunny headlined the inaugural Camming Con at Miami Beach, Florida's Eden Roc Hotel.[4] LittleRedBunny has a high profile among adult webcam models.[vague][10][11]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Ceremony Result Category
2013 Sex Awards Won Best WebCam Girl[6]
2014 AVN Award Won Favorite WebCam Girl
2015 AVN Award Nominated Favorite WebCam Girl
Nominated Best Solo Girl Website
Live Cam Awards[12] Nominated Best Live Cam Model Personal Site
Won Best Female Live Cam Model
AW-Awards[13] Won CamModel of the Year
Nominated Best Solo Website
Adult Webcam Awards Hall of Fame[14] Inducted 2015 Performer Inductee
2016 AVN Award Nominated Biggest Web Celebrity
Nominated Best Solo Girl Website
Live Cam Awards[15][16] Won Best Live Cam Model Personal Site
Nominated Best Female Live Cam Model
LaExpo Awards[17][18] Nominated Best Female Webcam Model
Won Best Cam or Solo Model Site
YNOT Awards[19] Nominated Best Live Cam Model
2017 AVN Award[20] Nominated Favorite Cam Girl
Live Cam Awards[21] Won Best Live Cam Model Personal Site
Bucharestsummit [22] Won Independent Model of the Year
AW-Awards[23] Nominated CamModel of the Year
Won The Diamond Awards
YNOT Awards[24] Won Best Live Cam Model Independent


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