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This article is about the 1991 book. For the fictional aircraft, see You Only Live Twice (film). For the real-world aircraft, see Wallis WA-116 Agile.

Little Nellie 007 (ISBN 978-0-907595-75-5) (1991) is a book by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny about the James Bond autogyro, Little Nellie as featured in the film You Only Live Twice and her "father", Wing Commander Retd. Ken Wallis.

The book known to James Bond fans,[1] and also used as a reference book for other Bond books[2][3] gives a behind the scenes look at the making of the film[3] as well as providing all the location shoots for the film[4] and also a brief history of aviation legend,[5] Ken Wallis himself. Halpenny and Wallis are friends and both ex-Royal Air Force.

The book briefly delves into Ken Wallis’s early family connections with aviation, then onto his own World War II exploits first as an operational pilot in the Army Co-operation Command flying Lysanders and then as an operational captain of Wellington bombers. Finally the reader is brought to Wallis’s post war activities and early stunt filming in Brazil, (some around the statue of Christ by the Corcovado Mountain at Rio de Janeiro and at one point accidentally getting caught in one of Brazil’s notorious 'Ventana' windstorms) and Italy.

The book then gives the behind the scenes information about Little Nellie herself, a Wallis WA-116 Agile, and the filming.[3][4]

The sections include:
Little Nellie;
Little Nellie in Action;
Little Nellie on Location;[4]
Shooting a Ground Scene;
Little Nellie’s Weapons;
Little Nellie is Hit;
The Dangers;
The Most Memorable;
A Punishing Schedule;
The Lighter Moments and No Time to Relax.

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