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Luitgard is a German female name.


The name comes from Old High German and means "[female] guardian of the people" (German: Beschützerin des Volks). This derives, in its older form, Liutgard, from liut which means "people" (Modern German: Leute), "member of a people",[1] and gard which means "protection" or "guardianship" from when the German word Garten and our word "garden" are also derived.

Name day[edit]

Its name day is 16 October, the same date as that of the Blessed Luitgard of Wittichen.


  • Luitgart, Luitgardt, Lutgard, Lutgaarde, Lutgart, Liutgard, Liutgart, Liudgard

Well known bearers of the name[edit]


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