Live at Tonic (Marco Benevento album)

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Live At Tonic
Live at Tonic cover.gif
Live album by Marco Benevento
Released August 7, 2007
Recorded November 2006 at Tonic, New York
Label Ropeadope Records
Producer Andy Hurwitz, Marco Benevento

Live At Tonic is an album by keyboardist Marco Benevento.

Benevento invited his old friend Andy Hurwitz (Ropeadope label boss) along to document the proceedings. Alternating between group and solo performance, Benevento played two sets a night and was joined by a different cast of musical co-conspirators for each show. The highlights were edited down, mixed and matched and presented here on three discs of wide-eyed, daringly fierce and cosmically joyous music entitled Marco Benevento--Live At Tonic.

Liner notes state, "recorded live at Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street, New York, NY (R.I.P.)"

Track listings[edit]

  • Disc One:

1) Clouds
2) Record Book
3) Fearless
4) The Arrival of Greatness
5) Sabbath
6) The Night Before October
7) Carnival of Souls
8) Prestidigitation
9) Moonglow

  • Disc Two:

1)Peppermint Hippo
2)We're Using Time for Fun
3)Seems So Long Ago Nancy
4) You Must Be a Lion
5) Intro
6) Nobody Does It Better
7) Executive Session
8) Elmer's Tune

  • Disc Three:

1) Bye Ya!
2) The Weathermen
3) Diego Garcia
4) Church of God Victory
5) Chalaza
6) Teardrop Tea
7) Birthday Boy
8) Gimme Some Lovin
9) Sing Sing Sing

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