Live in Osaka (Shonen Knife album)

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Shonen Knife
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Live in Osaka is the first completely live album from Shonen Knife, released in 2006, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of their 1981 debut.

All tracks feature Naoko Yamano on guitar and lead vocals and Atsuko Yamano on bass and backing vocals. Tracks 1-19 were recorded 17 December 2005 at Osaka Fandango's "Space X'mas" and feature drummer Etsuko Nakanishi. Drummer Mana "China" Nishiura is featured on tracks 20-22, recorded 12 July 2004 at Osaka Shinsaibashi Club Quattro.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Opening" "マンゴージュース"~Konnichiwa
  2. "A Map Master"
  3. "Twist Barbie"
  4. "Flying Jelly Attack"
  5. "Lazy Bone"
  6. "アニメ現象" (Anime Phenomenon)
  7. "コンクリート・アニマルズ" (Concrete Animals)
  8. "Tomato Head"
  9. "Wonder Wine"
  10. "Girl’s Rock"
  11. "クロスワード" (Crossword)
  12. "Cookie Day"
  13. "バナナチップス" (Banana Chips)
  14. "ラバーバンド" (Rubber Band)
  15. "E.S.P."
  16. "オレンジの太陽" (Orange Sun)
  17. "Explosion!"
  18. "ロケットにのって" (Riding On The Rocket)
  19. "ジャイアントキティ" (Giant Kitty)
  20. "Golden Years of Rock'n'Roll"
  21. "Herbs"(ハーブのうた)
  22. "Cobra Vs. Mongoose"