Live in Paris (Tom Rhodes album)

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Live in Paris
Tom Rhodes - Live In Paris.jpg
Live album by Tom Rhodes
Released 2006
Recorded June 5, 2006
Genre Comedy
Label Stand Up! Records
Tom Rhodes chronology
"Hot Sweet Ass"
"Live In Paris"

Live in Paris, Tom Rhodes' second live album, was recorded at the historic Hotel du Nord in Paris, France, during its last night as an operating live venue. The 2006 release featured material about Tom’s extensive world travels, some of which happened during his tenure as a host on Dutch television.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Karel Beer Intro"
  2. "Living in Amsterdam / Moving Back to America"
  3. "Muslim Girlfriend"
  4. "The World Today"
  5. "Why I Love Black People / Smoking and Drinking"
  6. "Why I Love Canada / Why I Love Peru"
  7. "My History with Paris"
  8. "Why I Love China / Why I Love Australia"
  9. "Why I Love Florida"
  10. "Lightnin’ Rhodes"
  11. "Hooray for Love!"
  12. "Passport to Freakyland"
  13. "Why I Love England"
  14. "Why Dutch People are My Favorite"
  15. "Why I Love Ireland"
  16. "Taxi Driver Genius"
  17. "Music Sweet Music"