Live in Verona

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Jamiroquai - Live in Verona
Live album by Jamiroquai
Released 11 November 2002
Recorded Verona
Genre Acid jazz, funk
Length 95 minutes
Language English
Label Eagle Vision
Jamiroquai chronology
A Funk Odyssey
(2001)A Funk Odyssey2001
Jamiroquai - Live in Verona 2002
Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai '
(2003)Late Night Tales: Jamiroquai '2003

Jamiroquai - Live in Verona is a DVD of a concert performed by the British band Jamiroquai in Verona in 2002, when the band toured in support of their album A Funk Odyssey.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Twenty Zero One
  2. Canned Heat
  3. Bad Girls (Donna Summer cover)
  4. Corner of the Earth
  5. Virtual Insanity
  6. Little L
  7. High Times
  8. Cosmic Girl
  9. Main Vein - with Beverley Knight
  10. Deeper Underground
  11. Alright
  12. Love Foolosophy - with Beverley Knight