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Living Streets Aotearoa Inc. (LSA) is an organisation in New Zealand that promotes the concept of living streets, the use of roads for functions other than vehicle access. It is the national walking advocacy group with a vision to have "more people choosing to walk more often."[1]

The organisation was founded to ensure that the voice of people on foot was heard. Cr Celia Wade-Brown, the inaugural President from 2002 to 2009, noticed that drivers, cyclists and government agencies met to discuss road safety, modal shift and funding but that pedestrians and hikers were not part of the discussion.

Living Streets Aotearoa works closely with Cycling Advocates' Network, the national cycling advocacy group. Their joint advocacy was pivotal in creating the New Zealand Walking and Cycling Strategy in 2005[2] and its subsequent (although at present only partial) implementation.

There are now more than a dozen local advocacy groups. Several councils have adopted the Walking Charter and agreed Walking Policies or plans.

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