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The Living Strings was an easy listening studio orchestra, founded in 1959 by RCA Victor for a series of recordings issued on the RCA Camden budget label. There were also related groups called the Living Voices, Living Brass, Living Guitars, Living Marimbas, Living Jazz, Living Trio, Living Percussion, and Living Organ.

RCA Victor record producer Ethel Gabriel created the "Living Strings" series of albums, which were easy-listening instrumental string versions of popular tunes, the type of music that came to be known pejoratively as elevator music.

There was no actual orchestra known as the Living Strings. The orchestra for most of the recordings was made up of musicians from various British orchestras assembled for the purpose of making the records. (Johnny Douglas was a frequent conductor and arranger.)[1] Some LPs were recorded in other countries (Mexico; America/Hollywood, Nashville; Germany/Munich).