Living in England

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Living in England
Living In England.JPG
EP by The Screaming Jets
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Rock, Pub Rock
Length 18:29
Label rooArt
Producer Steve James
The Screaming Jets chronology
All for One
(1991)All for One1991
Living in England EP
Tear of Thought
(1992)Tear of Thought1992

Living in England EP is an EP by the Australian band The Screaming Jets. The only single that was taken off this release was Living In England (AUS#19-July 92).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tunnel" – 4:38
  2. "Meet Anybody" – 3:23
  3. "Living in England" – 2:15
  4. "Folsom Prison Blues" – 3:22
  5. "Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire)" – 4:50