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Living Syndication
Living Syndication band shot.jpg
Living Syndication. From left to right: Andy DeCicco, Pervez Taufiq, Bernard "Senchant" Birgenheier, John Spinney
Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts
Genres Alternative metal[1]
Progressive rock
Alternative rock
Years active 2001–present
Labels LS Records
Members Pervez Taufiq
Andy DeCicco
Bernard "Senchant" Birgenheier
John Spinney
Past members Joe D'Arco
Paul Wandtke
Gregg Irick
Robert Lauer
Mike Bodnar
Matt Kaminsky
Bryan Croad
Jimmy Magoon
Michael Desmond

Living Syndication is a hard rock band from Massachusetts started by frontman Pervez Taufiq in 2001. They've been described as "tailored blends of Alice In Chains and Tool with enough modernization to attract a younger fan-base"[2][3]

Initially a solo project, it then evolved to being a band which has released two albums which have had moderate success. Two songs in particular "Choke" and "13 Minutes" have been confused by many A Perfect Circle fans as being unreleased or bonus A Perfect Circle tracks from their Emotive CD. These two tracks have been the cause of some confusion amongst fans who've speculated that the tracks were in fact released by Maynard James Keenan on a side project that he was working on at the time. In fact, they were renamed on the file sharing network Limewire and thousands of fans had downloaded the tracks to get an early release of the Emotive album only to find themselves with copies of an upcoming release from Living Syndication. Since that time, Living Syndication has been receiving a steady influx of fans as those files are still in circulation.


Om Factor[edit]

Living Syndication Logo.

Pervez Taufiq started Living Syndication in 2001 as a basement project initially playing all the music for demo tracks on his own. Initially bringing on a singer to work with him, he found it easier to just sing the tracks himself. After putting together two demo tracks, Pervez Taufiq released to tracks via the then underground file sharing program, Napster. One of the tracks, "Restrain" had been burned by a DJ at the New York radio station KROCK and played on the air. Shortly after, Pervez received a phone call from A&R David Levy from Flawless Records fielding interest in the tracks and wanting to hear more. Thus began the building of the band, and the early tracks from a 2004 released EP titled "Om Factor".[4][5] News was spreading about the band and even Universal Records artist Godsmack started coming by to watch the band play shows [6] In 2003, Living Syndication took a demo that they had done of a song named "Choke" and submitted along with 1,800 other bands to AT&T for their contest for CALL ATT. After a month's time, the band was selected from amongst all the acts by Atlantic Records, as a winner of the contest. They proceeded to tour with Kill Hannah as a result, and were able to bolster their fan base as a result. They were receiving opening slots for many of the genre's notable National acts such as Sevendust, Shinedown, Crossfade, Lacuna Coil, Drowning Pool.[7] In early 2003, The band began recording their first LP.


After several member changes and delays in recording, Living Syndication released "Aneurythm" on September 27, 2007, an 18 track CD with 79 minutes and 59 seconds of music, the most that any band had ever released on a CD before that time.

Living Syndication Aneurythm CD.

Living Syndication's song "Hubris" was the theme song for NBC Show CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) [8][9] While garnering local support on stations such as WAAF, WGIR and WBCN, the band lost members Gregg Irick and Mike Desmond due to Irick wanting to work on production in Texas, and Desmond wanting to play a different format of music.

Replacing these members were guitarist Bernard "Senchant" Birgenheier and drummer Joe D'Arco. D'Arco was an original member of Boston based rock band Godsmack. After 8 months, Joe D'Arco left the band due to differences with Pervez and drummer John Spinney joined the band.

Indefinite hiatus[edit]

Living Syndication next album titled Conquistadead was scheduled to be released in early 2010.[needs update]

However, the album has not been released nor has news from the album or the band come to light since 2010, indicating that the band has either separated or have gone through an indefinite hiatus without notification.



Date of Release Title Label
2002 Om Factor EP (Self-Released) None
2007 Aneurythm (LS Records)

Band members[edit]

  • Pervez Taufiq - (vocals, guitar)
  • John Spinney - (drums)
  • Mike Desmond - (guitar)
  • Andy DeCicco - (bass)

Former members[edit]

  • Joe D'Arco (drums)
  • Paul Wandtke (drums)
  • Gregg Irick (drums)
  • Robert Lauer (drums)
  • Mike Bodnar (drums)
  • Matt Kaminsky(bass)
  • Jason Musgrove (bass)
  • Mike Durwin (bass)
  • Bryan Croad (guitar)
  • Jimmy Magoon (guitar)
  • Michael Desmond (guitar)
  • Bernard "Senchant" Birgenheier (guitar)


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