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Elizabeth Anne Lloyd CBE (born 1971) served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Tony Blair's last administration (2005-2007).

A member of a virtual New Labour group who attended Guildford Grammar School (others include former Government minister James Purnell, and communications manager Tim Allan)[1] she graduated from Clare College, Cambridge, with a BA in Law and History[2] in 1993.

Political career[edit]

LLoyd began working for Tony Blair when he became Labour Leader in 1994. After Blair became Prime Minister in 1997, she became his home-affairs advisor. She later worked in the Foreign Policy area in the Number 10 Policy Unit 'the powerhouse of New Labour ideas" .[3] She held a number of key coordinating roles in Number 10, and became Deputy Chief of Staff in 2005[2] with responsibility for much of the domestic policy agenda.

After politics[edit]

In 2007 she joined Standard Chartered and was later appointed Group Head of Public Affairs.[2] Standard Chartered is a London based bank with a focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East.[4] From 2013 to 2015 she was CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania. In 2015 she was elected Vice-Chair of the Tanzanian Bankers Association. She is now based in London and holds the position of Group Company Secretary at Standard Chartered.[2]

Private life[edit]

During her early years in politics her partner was the Labour leader Ed Miliband.[1] Married in 2002 she departed No. 10 in 2005 when pregnant with her first child, She now has two children. Lloyd was made a CBE in the 2008 New Year's Honours list.[2]

Lloyd became a trustee of The Tony Blair Governance Initiative charity in 2009.[5] and later became Chair of Trustees.[6]


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