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Ljiljana Nikolovska (Macedonian: Љиљана Николовска (pronounced [ʎǐʎana nikɔlɔ̌ʋskaː]) (also spelled Nikolovski or Nikoloski, born August 24, 1964) is a Croatian singer. She is best known for being the original lead singer of Magazin.

Born in Split, Ljiljana is of Macedonian ethnicity. She recorded eight albums, and appeared on numerous compilation albums with Magazin from 1982 to mid-1990 and other bands and projects to this day. She recorded a solo album in 1996 named Let for Croatia Records.

Since 1993, Nikolovska has been married to musician Pete Mazich. They have a son, and live in San Pedro, California, United States, where they own a Recording Studio, record, play and co-produce projects with numerous musicians and bands from around the globe. Lil, as musicians call her, does mostly charity work and recordings that contribute to those in need (most noted for "Doctors Without Borders").

Discography (Solo and with Magazin)[edit]

Title Year Number of copies sold in first year Notes
Kokolo 1983 182.000 export & videos not included
O, la, la 1984 23.000 export & videos not included
Piši mi ("Write to Me") 1985) 480.000 export & videos not included
Put putujem ("I am Traveling") 1986 680.000 export & videos not included
Magazin ("Magazine") 1987 648.000 export & videos not included
Besane noći ("Sleepless Nights) 1988 487.000
Dobro jutro ("Good Morning") 1989 721.000 export & videos not included
Najbolje godine ("The Best Years") 1991[citation needed] 492.000 export & videos not included
Najbolje godine ("The Best Years") 1993[citation needed] unknown
Let ("Flight") 1996 unknown
Svi najveći hitovi 1983 - 1990 ("The Biggest Hits") 1998 unknown
Magazin-Svi najveći hitovi 1983 - 1990 ("Magazin - The Biggest Hits") 2003 unknown
Balade 1982 - 1990 ("The Best of Ballads") 2008 unknown


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