Ljudi i bogovi

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Ljudi i bogovi
1988 - Ljudi i bogovi.jpg
Studio album by Kerber
Released 1988
Recorded Studio 5, PGP RTB, Belgrade
Genre Hard rock
Length 38:29
Producer Đorđe Petrović
Kerber chronology
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Ratne igre
121288 Uživo
(1989)121288 Uživo1989

Ljudi i bogovi (trans. Humans and Gods) is the fourth studio album from Serbian and former Yugoslav hard rock band Kerber, released in 1988.

The album was titled after a verse from the song "Manifest", which and was the band's first song with political-related lyrics.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Duško Arsenijević; all music composed by Kerber.

No. Title Length
1. "Svet se brzo okreće" ("The World Is Quickly Turning") 4:12
2. "Od srca daleko" ("Far Away from the Heart") 4:29
3. "Na raskršću" ("At the Crossroads") 4:49
4. "Laže šarene" ("Sweet Little Lies") 4:31
5. "Bliznakinje" ("Twin Girls") 4:27
6. "Između jave i sna" ("Between Reality and Dream") 4:03
7. "Deda, pradeda" ("Grandfather, Great-Grandfather") 4:12
8. "Kad prođe sve" ("When Everything Is Over") 3:43
9. "Manifest" ("Manifesto") 4:03


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Marina Popović - backing vocals
  • Vesna Popović - backing vocals
  • Katarina Gojković - backing vocals
  • Đorđe Petrović - producer
  • Vlada Negovanović - recorded by


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