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Lloyd Aldrich was a civil engineer from Los Angeles who ran against Fletcher Bowron in 1949 for Los Angeles mayor.

Personal information[edit]

Lloyd Aldrich was born in Marion, Kansas in July 1, 1886. When Alrich was three months old, his parents moved to Los Angeles, California and when he was 12 he was orphaned and ended up living with his older brother in Colorado.[1]


Aldrich graduated from the University of Illinois.[1]

Early career[edit]

As a college graduate, he traveled west to work on engineering projects in Colorado and California. Alrich was fortunate enough to be one of President Teddy Roosevelt's hunting partners.[1]


Once Aldrich was retired, in 1955, he took part in private consulting work.[1]


Lloyd Aldrich died at age 81 in July 21, 1967.[1][2]

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