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Lobby may refer to:

  • Lobby (room), an entranceway or foyer in a building
  • Lobbying, the action or the group used to influence a viewpoint to politicians
  • Lobby (food), a thick stew made in Leigh, Greater Manchester and North Staffordshire, like Lancashire Hotpot
  • Lobby (band), a Slovak Eurodance band
  • The Lobby, (UK) parliamentary journalists receiving privileged political access in exchange for sourcing anonymity
  • Lobby Hero, a play by Kenneth Lonergan
  • Hotel Lobby, an oil painting on canvas by American realist painter Edward Hopper
  • The Lobby (improv), an improvisational comedy group based in Southern California
  • The Lobby, a documentary series by Al Jazeera

People with the name[edit]

  • "Lobby", nickname of Seymour de Lotbiniere (1905–1984), English broadcasting executive and pioneer of outside broadcasts
  • Lobby Loyde (1941–2007), Australian rock music guitarist, songwriter and producer

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Lobby Lud, a fictional character invented in August 1927 by the British newspaper Westminster Gazette

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