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Localization or localisation may refer to:


  • Localization of function, locating psychological functions in the brain or nervous system; see Linguistic intelligence
  • Localization of sensation, ability to tell what part of the body is affected by touch or other sensation; see Allochiria
  • Neurologic localization, in neurology, the process of deducing the location of injury based on symptoms and neurological examination
  • Nuclear localization signal, an amino acid sequence on the surface of a protein which acts like a 'tag' to localize the protein in the cell
  • Sound localization, a listener's ability to identify the location or origin of a detected sound
  • Subcellular localization, the organization of cellular components into different regions of the cell

Engineering and technology[edit]

  • GSM localization, a technique for determining the location of an active cell phone or wireless transceiver
  • Robot localization, figuring out robot's position in an environment
  • Indoor positioning system, a network of devices used to wirelessly locate objects or people inside a building
  • Navigation, a technique for determining one's position accurately on the surface of earth
  • Radiolocation, possibly passive process of finding the location of something through the use of radio waves
  • Satellite navigation, a positioning and navigation technique aided by satellites




  • Anderson localization, in condensed matter physics, the absence of diffusion of waves in a disordered medium
  • Weak localization, a physical effect which occurs in disordered electronic systems at very low temperatures

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