Loch Loch

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Loch Loch
Loch Loch from summit of Ben Vuirich - geograph.org.uk - 1075199.jpg
Loch Loch from the summit of Ben Vuirich
Loch Loch is located in Perth and Kinross
Loch Loch
Loch Loch
Coordinates56°51′05″N 3°39′53″W / 56.8514°N 3.6647°W / 56.8514; -3.6647Coordinates: 56°51′05″N 3°39′53″W / 56.8514°N 3.6647°W / 56.8514; -3.6647
Typefreshwater loch
Primary outflowsRiver Tilt
Max. length2.011 km (1.250 mi)[1]
Max. width1.207 km (0.750 mi)[1]
Surface area31.8 ha (79 acres)[2]
Average depth29 ft (8.8 m)[1]
Max. depth81 ft (25 m)[1]
Water volume103,197,000 cu ft (2,922,200 m3)[1]
Shore length14.5 km (2.8 mi) [2]
Surface elevation453 m (1,486 ft)[2]
Max. temperature52.2 °F (11.2 °C)
Min. temperature49.5 °F (9.7 °C)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Loch Loch is a remote freshwater loch, located in Glen Loch in Perth and Kinross, some 9.5 miles north of Pitlochry, Scotland and is within the Forest of Atholl.[1][2]


Loch Loch is situated in wild mountainous scenery and is located with hills on both sides that have very steep sides. Beinn a' Ghlò is situated to the west side and the precipitous crags of Craig an loch in the east. Mounds of gravelly moraine form the greater part of both shores, forming the prominent points. The loch flows northward by the An Lochain into the River Tilt, which also receives the water of Loch Tilt at the head of the glen. The loch is on a north to south bearing, and is long and narrow loch, or rather two lochs as there is a narrow constriction in the middle dividing it into two portions.


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