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Genre Reality, Documentary, Drama
Created by Rasha Drachkovitch
Developed by 44 Blue Productions
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 25
No. of episodes 238
Original network MSNBC
Original release June 4, 2005 – February 11, 2017
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Lockup is a prison documentary series, produced by 44 Blue Productions, which airs on MSNBC. The Lockup franchise also includes Lockup: Raw, Lockup: World Tour, Lockup: Extended Stay, Lockup: Special Investigation, and Life After Lockup.

Lockup (and the other series in the franchise) explore jail and prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations. A typical episode usually follows one or two inmates as they attend disciplinary hearings, receive visits from family, and interact with other inmates. In some episodes, inmates are provided with personal video cameras ("inmate cams") to use in their cells for recording their thoughts.

Titles within the franchise deal in specific areas as follows:

  • Raw – Previously unaired footage from visits to various prisons, interspersed with comments from the production crew
  • Extended Stay – Blocks of episodes that each focus on a long-term visit to one prison
  • World Tour – Visits to prisons in countries other than the United States
  • Special Investigation – Focus on a specific aspect of the prison system, usually the juvenile justice system
  • Life After Lockup – Inmates who have been released from prison and are trying to return to society

Most episodes end with a 'recap', explaining what happened to a given inmate (or, on occasion, a staff member) months or years after the taping; subsequent episodes will frequently return to a given prison (and/or a given inmate) to revisit them several months later.

The cancellation of Lockup was announced on June 29, 2016, with the 25th season as the series' last.[1]


  • This list is not complete.
# Title Institution State
G001 Inside San Quentin San Quentin State Prison California
G002 Return to Rikers Rikers Island New York
G003 Inside Riverbend Riverbend Maximum Security Institution Tennessee
G004 Return to Valley State Valley State Prison for Women California
G005 Inside Wabash Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Indiana
G006 Inside Folsom Prison Folsom State Prison California
G007 Inside North Carolina Women's Prison North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women North Carolina
G008 Inside Utah State Prison Utah State Prison Utah
G009 Inside Stateville Stateville Correctional Center Illinois
G010 Inside Anamosa Anamosa State Penitentiary Iowa
G011 The Inmate Diaries Davis Correctional Facility Oklahoma
G012 The Criminal Mind Atascadero State Hospital California
G013 Inside Kentucky State Penitentiary Kentucky State Penitentiary Kentucky
G014 Return to Corcoran California State Prison, Corcoran California
G015 Return to Pelican Bay Pelican Bay State Prison California
G016 Inside L.A. County Los Angeles County jail system California
G017 Louisiana Louisiana State Penitentiary Louisiana
G018 Inside Brushy Mountain Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex Tennessee
G019 New Mexico Penitentiary of New Mexico New Mexico
G020 Inside Alaska Spring Creek Correctional Center Alaska
G021 Inside Holman Holman Correctional Facility Alabama
G022 Inside Kern Valley Kern Valley State Prison California
G023 Guards at Risk Various
G024 Inside Stark Heman G. Stark Youth Correctional Facility California
G025 Violence Behind Bars Various
G026 Survival Behind Bars Various
G027 Shock Incarceration Louisiana's IMPACT Boot camp Louisiana
G028 Getting Out Various


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