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This article is about a cyclecar made in Chicago, Illinois, in 1914. For other automobiles named Logan, see List of defunct United States automobile manufacturers.

Logan is the name of a small automobile in the cyclecar category that was built in 1914 only by the Northwestern Cyclecar Works (or Northwestern Motorcycle Works) in Chicago, Illinois.

It weighed about 500 lb (230 kg), had a wheelbase of 102 in (2,600 mm), and used wire wheels. Power came from an air-cooled engine with two cylinders made by Spacke, delivereing 9–13 hp (6.7–9.7 kW; 9.1–13.2 PS), following the then-usual power formula. It had friction transmission and belt drive. It was available with a metal roadster body seating two persons side-by side although it had a tread of only 40 in (1,000 mm).

Priced at US$375, the Logan targeted the Model T which in 1914 US$500 in 2-passenger runabout form. By comparison, the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout was US$650,[1] the Black from $375,[2] Western's Gale Model A was US$500,[3] the Brush Runabout US$485,[4] and the Success was US$250.[5]


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