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Log, LOG, or LoG may refer to:

  • A cut tree trunk, the main wooden axis of a tree
  • Logarithm, the mathematical operation that is the inverse of exponentiation, or the result of this operation
  • The Laplacian of Gaussian, an algorithm used in digital image processing
  • Log (magazine), an architectural magazine
  • Log Press, an imprint of VDM Publishing devoted to the reproduction of Wikipedia content
  • Log, a Mishnaic unit of measurement
  • Les Paul's first solid-body electric guitar (1915–2009)
  • Lamb of God (band), an American metal band
  • U+33D2 square log, one of the characters in the CJK Compatibility Unicode block


  • Blog or web log, an online journal
  • Chip log, a device used in navigation to estimate the speed of a vessel through water
  • Logfile, a file for recording events in a computer program
    • Server log, a file maintained by a computer server of activity performed by it
    • Transaction log, a database log used with transactions
  • Data logger, a device used to keep a record of sequential data
  • Diary or journal, a daily record of personal experiences
  • Log book (disambiguation)
  • Video logging, a process whereby metadata is attached to video material





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