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Lois Neilson (September 7, 1895 – July 9, 1990) was an American silent movie actress who became actor and comedian Stan Laurel's wife.

She was born in Tulare, California. She and Laurel both appeared in Do You Love Your Wife? in 1919.

Neilson and Laurel began sharing her apartment in 1925, and married on August 13, 1926.

Their daughter, also named Lois, was born on December 10, 1927. Their son, also named Stanley, was born two months premature in 1930, and lived for nine days. Neilson and Laurel divorced in December 1934.

She died in Los Angeles at the age of 94 from natural causes.

Through her daughter, she was the mother-in-law of Western actor Rand Brooks, best known for his role of Lucky Jenkins in the Hopalong Cassidy "B" films.

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