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Lolly Pop
a.k.a. Lorraine Price
Also known as Brooke R. Calder
Born 1975 (age 41–42)
Genres Electro-Kitsch, Electropop, Synthpop, Electropunk, New Wave, Dark Wave, Ambient, Chamber Rock, Shoegazing, GloomPop, Electronic.
Occupation(s) Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer
Instruments Vocals, Synthesizer
Years active 2001–present
Associated acts A*O*A, POP INC., Monte Moir, Doctor Fink, TELEPHONE!, The Time, Prince, Spray, glean, The Afghan Whigs.
Website Official Site 01
Official Site 02

Lolly Pop (a.k.a. Lorraine Price) is an on-stage personae of Brooke R. Calder, produced by the triad talents of Ricardo Autobahn, Monte Moir (The Time, Rihanna) and Doctor Fink (Prince).


Raised between the United States and Zimbabwe, Africa, Calder moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to work as a dancer for Prince in 1994. After being cast in the Prince & NPG "Get Wild" video, she studied studio engineering with NPG keyboardist Morris Hayes,[1] and worked for Twin/Tone Records as a Publicity intern. Encouraged to become a music personality instead, Calder adopted the moniker Lolly Pop and formed Electro-Kitsch act TELEPHONE! with producer Howard W. Hamilton III.[2]

During 2005, while Hamilton focused on producing Har Mar Superstar, Pop emerged as a solo artist produced by Fink, Monte Moir as well as Ricardo Autobahn. In support of her 2006 eponymous debut, the GLAMOROUS '06 tour ensued with Moir as band leader in an "Electro Pop Operetta" dedicated to Sheila E. and Adam Ant.[3] The following year, Pop was featured on RockAmerica,[4] surfaced on the soundtrack of the film Loveless in Los Angeles,[5] and appeared in the Paul Moehring film Climbing Trees.[6]

Lolly Pop was last heard on "Looking 4 The KLF" by POP INC, which scored "Song of the Day" on A demo version of the video was leaked to RockAmerica,[7][better source needed] as well as England's NME.[8] While Pop was last seen on a KTSP news reel during 2010,[9] Calder continues to supply vocals for projects like A*O*A, POP INC., glean (with Rick McCollum of The Afghan Whigs), The Cuban Boys, Johnny Normal, and with Phil Solem of The Rembrandts, co-wrote the theme song for the Launch TV comedy Graham Crackers.

Charitable Efforts[edit]

Pop worked extensively with the Minnesota 501(c)(3) organization Rock the Cause from 2008–2009; organized RELIEF 2: Electro Boogaloo to help the American Red Cross care for Hurricane Katrina survivors in 2005; founded Music For Charity, donating 30% of her 2004/05 touring profits to The Salvation Army, Second Harvest Heartland, Bridge For Runaway Youth and Planned Parenthood. With the help of First Avenue night club, Pop coordinated as well as performed in Girlfest 2004 to support the Harriet Tubman Organization.

Discography and credits[edit]

  • 2000: STATION9 – Chrome EP (Leads and songwriting) Sursumcorda Records
  • 2001: THOUSAND VOID CRUSH f. STATION9 - Radio Free (Song: "Radio Free") Sursumcorda Records
  • 2002: BURNING SHAKESPEARE - No Juliet EP (Leads and songwriting)
  • 2002: BROWN RAINBOW – Underground Soundtracks (Various tracks)
  • 2002: TELEPHONE! - Love... EP (Leads and songwriting)
  • 2003: TELEPHONE! - *69 EP (Leads and songwriting)
  • 2003: CHUCK LOVE – Continuous (Song: "Perfect")
  • 2004: TC ELECTROPUNK VOLUME 1 (Song: "Life on Hold")
  • 2004: DORY/1DJ – 8Bits (song: "Encore")
  • 2005: TC ELECTROPUNK VOLUME 2 (Song: "Elevator Operator")
  • 2005: SUNNY SMACK – Mezzanine Girls (Song: "Mezzanine")
  • 2006: THE CUBAN BOYS - Satellite Junkyard (Song: "Claudine Is Blue")
  • 2006: THE CUBAN BOYS - BBC Radio [live] (Song: "Walking In The Air")
  • 2007: LOLLY POP - Elevator Operator (Danny Morris remix video) - Rockamerica
  • 2007: LOLLY POP - Elevator Operator (Digital maxi single and original video) - Modo Disco (UK)
  • 2007: LOLLY POP (Self-titled debut and remixes) - Modo Disco (UK)
  • 2009: POP INC - Looking 4 The KLF (Video - original edit and download card/maxi single) - Modo Disco (UK) / Rockamerica
  • 2009: TC ELECTROPUNK VOLUME 5 (Song: POP INC - "Disenchanted")
  • 2010: POP INC vs. SYMPHONO- Looking 4 The KLF (Single) - Ninthwave Records
  • 2011: POP INC - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Video/DVD, digital maxi single)
  • 2012: TC ELECTROPUNK VOLUME 6 (Song: POP INC - "Hollywood Kills")
  • 2014: glean- Echoes & Waves (EP)
  • 2014: GRAHAM CRACKERS THEME SONG - Steady On (True Blue) featuring Phil Solem
  • 2015: glean - Shadows & Sand (EP)
  • 2016: A*O*A - I'm Afraid of Americans (Digital maxi single)
  • 2017: LOLLY POP- 10th Anniversary Reissue (In post-production) - Banoffeesound Records
  • 2017: LOLLY POP- LINGERIE: Lost Remixes & 1 New Song (In post-production) - Banoffeesound Records
  • 2017: POP INC- LP (In production) - Banoffeesound Records


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