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London Motors was a Canadian automobile company located in London, Ontario. The company was formed by William Stansell, who was previously involved with the production of the Brock car in Amherstburg, Ontario.[1] In 1921 Stansell raised $75,000 to form London Motors Limited, with a factory located at King and Ridout Streets.[1] Prototypes were ready by the autumn of 1921.[1] The London Six was an impressive vehicle featuring wooden disc wheels, pointed windscreen and a Herschell-Spillman 6 cylinder engine.[2] The engine was tilted down at the rear, providing a lower drive shaft and reducing universal joint strain.[1] The aluminium body made the car very light, allowing a top speed of 85 mph to be reached.[1]

Production began in late 1921, with the following models:

  • Touring car
  • Hardtop tourer/roadster
  • Sedan
  • Sedan Special[1]

Prices ranged from $2,600 for the tourer to $3,700 for the sedan.[2] The car's slogan was "Canada's Quality Car".[1]

Bodies were originally built at a factory in Ingersoll, Ontario, but when the supplier was unable to keep up with demand, Stansell rented factory space next door to the London Motors factory.[1]

When Governor General Julian Byng visited London, several London Six owners loaned their cars for official ceremonies.[2] Lady Byng claimed that the London Six was the most comfortable car that she had ever travelled in.[1]

In 1924, Stansell made visits to various firms and bankers looking for extra capital in order to expand production.[1] In his absence, the board of directors of the company allowed control to be taken over by new investors, who wound up the company in early 1925.[1] Total production of the London Six was 98 cars.[2]


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