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London Plus was the name of the BBC's regional news programme for southeastern England. Launched in 1984, the programme represented the BBC's attempt to boost regional news service for the South East. Prior to the launch of London Plus, BBC South East did not have its own dedicated team of presenting staff; regional news bulletins for the South East were delivered by presenters of the main national programme (first Nationwide, then Sixty Minutes).

London Plus: The original 1984 title music sequences, and for the two series was composed by George Fenton, with the second and final being in 1986, which was a slightly more series for hard-hitting headlines revamp. The venue for this being the Lansdowne Recording Studios, Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, London, W11 3LP. Some versions of the BBC's Newsnight were also recorded at the same studio, one in 1982, after this from 1993, Abbey Road studios.

The programme was replaced in 1989 by Newsroom South East.


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