London Road Community Hospital

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London Road Community Hospital

The London Road Community Hospital (formerly Derbyshire Royal Infirmary), is a hospital in Derby that is part of the Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.[1] It is based in the city centre. The other main hospital in Derby is the Royal Derby Hospital.


During the year that he was Mayor of Derby, Sir Alfred Seale Haslam managed to replace the old William Strutt Infirmary with the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. In 1890 there had been an outbreak of disease at the old infirmary and Sir William Evans, President of the Infirmary arranged a three-day inspection which condemned the old building.[2] When Queen Victoria came to open the new hospital on 21 May 1891 she knighted Haslam for his services and gave permission for the term "Royal" to be used.[2]

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