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Lonely China Day (Chinese: 寂寞.夏.日; pinyin: jìmò xià rì) is a Chinese indie rock band from Beijing.[1]


The marquee band of the Tag Team Records label,[2] Lonely China Day has a sound that has been compared to that of Sigur Rós, due to a use of methodical, droning guitars and non-English lyrics.[1][3] Lead singer Deng Pei performs in Mandarin, drawing some of his lyrics from ancient Chinese poetry.[3] Deng Pei was a natural left-handed guitar player, but as he was not initially able to locate and acquire a left-handed guitar, he performed from the opposite side until he sustained an injury to his little finger, necessitating a change back to his natural side.[3]

The band released their debut, an eponymous EP, with Tag Team in 2006, and followed up with their full-length debut, entitled Sorrow, in 2007. Allmusic gave Sorrow a largely positive review, awarding three stars out of a possible five.[3] Reviewer Stewart Mason said that "fans of...ambitious neo-prog will likely find much to enjoy on Sorrow", but also noted that the album might seem inaccessible to casual listeners.[3]

That same year, Lonely China Day performed at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.[4]

Their second album, This Readily Assimilative People, was released on June 19, 2010.


  • Deng Pei - vocals, guitar
  • Wang Dongtao - guitar
  • He Feng - bass guitar
  • Luo Hao - drums

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