Longhua District

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For the area in Shenzhen, see Longhua New District.
Longhua is located in China
Location in China
Coordinates: 20°1′33″N 110°19′1″E / 20.02583°N 110.31694°E / 20.02583; 110.31694
Country China
Province Hainan
 • Total 100 sq mi (300 km2)
Population (2002)
 • Total 440,000
Time zone China standard time (UTC+8)

Longhua (simplified Chinese: 龙华区; traditional Chinese: 龍華區; pinyin: Lónghuá Qū) is a county-level district under the jurisdiction of Haikou city, in Hainan, a province of China. The district's total area is 300 square kilometers, and its population was 440,000 people in 2002.

Administrative regions[edit]

Longhua district has jurisdiction over Zhongshan Road, Jinmao Road, Datong Road, Haiken Road, and Jinyu Road. It also contains the small towns of Chengxi, Longqiao, Xinpo, Zuntan, and Longquan.

Coordinates: 20°01′34″N 110°19′01″E / 20.026°N 110.317°E / 20.026; 110.317