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Longombas are a duo from Kenya performing a mixture of Hip hop and Soukous.


The group consists of two brothers, Christian and Lovy Longomba. They're from a musical family; father Lovy Longomba was a member of Super Mazembe, while their grandfather Vicky Longomba was a member of TPOK Jazz. France-based Congolese musician Awilo Longomba is their uncle.[1]

The group entered Kenyan music scene in 2002 with their song "Dondosa", which became a national hit. Follow-up singles were "Piga Makofi", "Shika More" and "Vuta Pumz". Their debut album Chukua was released in 2005 by Ogopa DJ's.[2] In 2003 they had left Ogopa DJ's record label together with Deux Vultures and Mr. Googz & Vinnie Banton, and formed an own label, Bad Man Camp. Deux Vultures and Longombas, however, later returned to Ogopa [3]

They performed at the 2006 Channel O Music Video Awards in South Africa.[4] The group later relocated from Kenya to Los Angeles.




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