Looking for... the Best

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Looking For ... the Best
Looking For the Best of David Hasselhoff.jpg
Compilation album by
Released9 October 1995 (Germany)
GenreEasy Listening
LabelBMG Music
David Hasselhoff chronology
For You
Looking For ... the Best
Hooked on a Feeling

Looking for... the Best of David Hasselhoff is a greatest his album released by David Hasselhoff in Germany in October 1995.[1]

Internet meme[edit]

Looking for has become the center of an Internet meme, in what Mashable described as a "review bomb":[2] participants leaving humorous reviews on Amazon.com, all of which state that the song "Hot Shot City" is "particularly good".[3][4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Looking for Freedom"
  2. "Wir Zwei Allein"
  3. "Crazy for You"
  4. "Do the Limbo Dance"
  5. "Flying on the Wings of Tenderness"
  6. "Hot Shot City"
  7. "Save the World"
  8. "These Lovin' Eyes"
  9. "Du"
  10. "Fallin' in Love"
  11. "Is Everybody Happy"
  12. "Best Is Yet to Come"
  13. "Freedom for the World"
  14. "Je T'Aime Means I Love You"
  15. "Do You Believe in Love"
  16. "Danice Dance d'Amour"
  17. "Everybody Sunshine"
  18. "I Believe" (duet with Laura Branigan)


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