Lord Dismiss Us

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Lord Dismiss Us
Lord Dismiss Us book cover
Author Michael Campbell
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher William Heinemann
Publication date
Media type Hardback and paperback
Pages 378 p. (hardback edition)
ISBN 978-0-552-08042-2
OCLC 30292393

Lord Dismiss Us is a 1967 novel by Michael Campbell.

Plot summary[edit]

Lord Dismiss Us is set in an English boys' public school in the 1960s. The novel deals with the love affair between two boys, together with the internal politics of the school itself. Carleton, a sixth former loves Allen, a boy two years his junior. At the same time the headmaster is trying to enforce a policy against such liaisons.

At the time of writing it was a contemporaneous work. As such it now depicts a school at a period in history. It was published in the same year that homosexuality between consenting adults was legalised in the UK.[1]

The author, Michael Mussen Campbell, b. 1924, was the grandson of the 1st Lord Glenavy and brother of the 3rd Baron, the humorist Patrick Campbell. He was a Dubliner who attended St Columba's school and Trinity College. Lord Dismiss Us was apparently based on the suicide of a St. Columba’s schoolmaster.

Briefly a barrister at the Irish bar, Campbell worked in London for the Irish Times. His other novels included Peter Perry (1956), a ‘story of Dublin Theatrical Life’, and Oh Mary, This London (1959), a fantasy set in London, and Across the Water (1959).

Michael Campbell succeeded his brother Patrick in 1980 to become the 4th and last Lord Glenavy. He never married, dying in 1984.