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Lorenzo Porciatti (September 3, 1864 – March 17, 1928) was an Italian architect and architectural restorer, active mainly in his native Tuscany.


He was born in Cana, and died in Grosseto. He obtained a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, then went to University of Rome to study mathematics, but left after a year. He became self-taught as an architect. He won an award for his design of the altar to Pope Leo XIII. He designed the tomb of Major Daniel Peploe at Weobley, Herefordshire and the tomb of Paoletti Perini at the cemetery of Trespiano, and the chapel of Salle at San Miniato al Monte, including its painting and sculpture.

He presented a project, presented at the 1887 Exposition of Venice for the restoration and completion of the nave, as well of construction of a pulpit, of the Cathedral of Grosseto. He also designed two mouments to Donatello.[1]

For the town of Montieri, on the ruins of the older Palazzo di Giustizia, Porciatti designed a Neo-Gothic Palazzo Comunale (1901)[2] and the elementary school.[3] He also designed the Neo-Gothic Palazzo Aldobrandeschi and Villino Pastorelli, and the Art Nouveau style Villino Panichi in Grosseto. He also helped restore the Castello in Castiglione della Pescaia [4] and designed the Vivarelli Mausoleum in Talamone's cemetery.


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