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Lorna Zarina Aponte (born 11 May 1983 in Panama), better known simply as Lorna, is a female reggaeton artist best known for her song "Papi chulo... (te traigo el mmmm...)" (#1 in France, #2 in Italy, Belgium, #3 in the Netherlands, #12 in Switzerland, #49 in Sweden).[1] At the age of 13, Aponte decided that she wanted to become a singer and solo artist and so she went to searching for - and found - a music producer and DJ who was willing to record a song with her on vocals. With help from this producer she entered a talent competition for new singers organised in Panama City which she won. This gave Aponte the opportunity to record a single. Soon after she was working with El Chombo, a renowned producer in Panama. In 2005 Aponte was scheduled to appear at a festival in Bilbao called Zorrozaurre, but instead of her the record company sent one of her backing singers claiming that Lorna had decided to take a sabbatical due to health related issues. The backing singer also gave interviews under the impression of being Aponte.[2]


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