Last Stand in the Philippines

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Last Stand in the Philippines
Directed by Antonio Román
Written by Pedro de Juan , Antonio Román
Starring Armando Calvo
José Nieto
Fernando Rey
Guillermo Marín
Manolo Morán
Conrado San Martín
Tony Leblanc
Nani Fernández
Music by Manuel Parada
Cinematography Heinrich Gärtner
Edited by Bienvenida Sanz
Release date
Running time
99 minutes
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Last Stand in the Philippines (Spanish:Los últimos de Filipinas) is a 1945 Spanish biographical war film directed by Antonio Román. It is based on a radio script by Enrique Llovet; Los Héroes de Baler; and novels by de Enrique Alfonso Barcones El Fuerte de Baler; and Rafael Sánchez Campoy El Fuerte de Baler.

Nani Fernández played famous Yo Te Diré song.

Historical facts[edit]

"The Last Ones of the Philippines" is the name given to the Spanish soldiers who fight in the Siege of Baler against the supporters of independence and against the US Army (the latter was in the Spanish–American War. In Spain, it was called "The Disaster of '98").

The Siege of Baler lasted from 1 July 1898 to 2 June 1899. During these 11 months, the Spaniards were isolated in a church that became their fortified position. The Spanish troops were a small garrison of 50 soldiers from the "2º de Cazadores" under the charge of Lieutenant D. Juan Alonso Zayas. They faced approximately 800 rebel soldiers. The Spanish soldiers fortified the church and resisted the constant attacks of the rebels for 11 months without provisions.


  • Armando Calvo as Teniente Martín Cerezo
  • José Nieto as Capitán Enrique de las Morenas
  • Guillermo Marín as Doctor Rogelio Vigil
  • Manolo Morán as Pedro Vila
  • Juan Calvo as Cabo Olivares
  • Fernando Rey as Juan Chamizo
  • Manuel Kayser as Fray Cándido
  • Carlos Muñoz as Santamaría
  • José Miguel Rupert as Moisés
  • Pablo Álvarez Rubio as Herrero, el desertor
  • Nani Fernández as Tala
  • Emilio Ruiz de Córdoba as El Correo
  • César Guzmán as Jesús García Quijano
  • Alfonso de Horna as Marquiado
  • Manuel Arbó as Gómez Ortiz

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