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Los Hermanos Rigual were a Cuban vocal group based in Mexico, mainly active in the sixties. It consisted of the brothers Pedro, Carlos and Mario Rigual, all natives of Guantánamo.

The trio started performing as guitarists and singers in Havana before moving to Mexico, where they got their first successes.[1]

They had their breakout in 1962, thanks to the song "Cuando calienta el sol" which became an international hit.[1][2] Following the success of the song for a few years they focused their activities in Europe and particularly in Italy, where they appeared in several television shows and were entered into the competition at the 14th edition of the Sanremo Music Festival.[1][2] In the late 1960s the trio moved back to Mexico City, where they continued to enjoy some local success.[1]



  • 1963: Los Hermanos Rigual (RCA Victor)
  • 1965: Guitarra amor mío (RCA Victor)


  • 1962: "Cuando calienta el sol"/"La del vestido rojo"
  • 1963: "Llorando me dormi"/"Envidias"
  • 1963: "Cuando brilla la luna"/"Dona cibeles"
  • 1963: "Blanca como paloma"


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