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Loscoat was, before 1945, a hamlet belonging to the village of Lambézellec(fr), which is now a large suburb of Brest. Part of the former hamlet has now become an industrial area(fr), whereas the rest has become a residential area.

World War II[edit]

As in all other hamlets around Brest, intense fighting between the American infantry forces and the German Wehrmacht took place in Loscoat during the Battle for Brest.

Most notably, Private First Class Ernest Prussman, from the 13th Infantry Regiment, took over his squad on 8 September 1944 during the advance on "Les Coates" [wrong transliteration of Loscoat] in Brittany, and disarmed several Germans, including a machine gun crew. Shot by a German rifleman, his dying act was to unleash a hand grenade that killed the man who shot him. He was awarded a Medal of Honor posthumously.