Lost (Robotham novel)

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Author Michael Robotham
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Time Warner Book Group, London
Publication date
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 390
ISBN 0-316-72553-6
OCLC 57639518
Preceded by The Suspect
Followed by The Night Ferry

Lost, also known as The Drowning Man, is a 2005 Ned Kelly Award-winning novel by the Australian author Michael Robotham, and is the second of his novels to feature the protagonists Dr Joseph O'Loughlin and DI Vincent Ruiz.

Plot summary[edit]

Detective Inspector Vincent Ruiz is fished out of the Thames with a bullet in his leg and, post-surgery, no memory of how he got there or what he was working on. With help from clinical psychologist Dr Joseph O'Loughlin Ruiz comes to realise he was investigating the disappearance of 8 year old Mickey Carlyle, a case closed 3 years previously.



"For my mother and father."


ABC Radio National's "Bookshow" put Robotham's fiction in perspective: "His books Lost, The Night Ferry and most recently Shatter, have reinforced his reputation as one of the best architects of the psychological thriller."[1]

The Australian Crime Fiction Database stated that the author "delivers an outstanding thriller with complex characters, pressure coming from both within the police force and from a dangerous unknown assailant and a strong unexpected ending."[2]