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Lost Cove Cave Main "Buggytop" Entrance. People before the entrance give an idea of its size. Lost Cove Creek emerges from the left

Lost Cove Cave, also known as Buggytop Cave, is a cave in Franklin County, south Tennessee near the towns of Sewanee and Sherwood and close to the Alabama border. It is noted for its large main entrance and the extensive archeological artifacts of the Woodland and Mississippian periods found inside.


Lost Cove Cave is a part of the Carter Natural Area section of South Cumberland State Park and is located in Lost Cove. It has three notable entrances. The main or Buggytop entrance which is 100 feet (30 m) wide and 80 feet (24 m) high, the second entrance formed by the collapse of an upper section of the mid-cave area, and the third or Peter Cave entrance. The Peter Cave entrance opens into the so-called Indian Room which has been excavated for archeological artifacts since the 19th century.

Lost Cove Creek (or sometimes simply Lost Creek) is a river that enters the cave at the Big Sinks and emerges from the Buggytop Entrance into Lost Cove.

Archeological work by students accomplished between 1959-1961 was published in The Tennessee Archeologist, Vol. XVIII, No. 1 pp. 408 -430


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Coordinates: 35°07′11″N 85°54′37″W / 35.119667°N 85.910333°W / 35.119667; -85.910333