Lost Echo

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Lost Echo
Lost echo cover.jpg
Developer(s) KickBack Studios
Publisher(s) KickBack Studios
Engine Unity
Platform(s) iOS, Windows Phone, Android
Release September 27, 2013
Genre(s) Point-and-click adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Lost Echo is a point-and-click adventure developed and published by KickBack Studios for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It was released on September 27, 2013 for iOS. Later it was also released for Windows Phone and Android on June 18, 2014 and November 11, 2015 respectively. The game has been fully localized into German by Marcel Weyers.[1] The game has gained a cult following. The developer, KickBack, is developing a free expansion called, Lost Echo: Resonance. [2]


As the game is a point-and-click adventure, the player has to solve puzzles in order to advance the plot. He can investigate certain objects and collect items. Furthermore, the player can talk to characters and find new hints in regard to the mystery.


In the near future, a young girl named Chloe mysteriously disappears. Her boyfriend Gregory starts to investigate, but no one seems to remember her at all. At his home, Gregory finds that she has been erased from his life: pictures of her are missing and not a trace of Chloe exists. Gregory attempts to uncover what happened to Chloe by teaming up with friends and strangers and delving into a surreal, fantastical journey.


Lost Echo <OST>
Soundtrack album by KickBand
Released November 29, 2013
Genre Video game soundtrack
Length 59:56

The official soundtrack by KickBand was released on November 29, 2013. The soundtrack features 25 tracks at a total length of 59:56, and was released on Bandcamp.[3]


The game received generally favorable reviews. It received 4.5 out of 5 stars on Adventure Gamers with reviewer Randall Rigdon saying: ""A richly defined, innovative experience, Lost Echo is exactly what an iOS adventure should be."[4] IndieGames wrote about the game: "I can't help but be completely and utterly impressed."[5] 148Apps gave 4.5 of 5 stars and wrote: "This is a must-buy for anybody who loves sci-fi, mystery, or just adventure games in general."[6] Gamezebo reviewer Jillian Werner wrote about the game: "[...] while its plot stumbles in the final act and its characters never fully get off the ground, the surrounding build-up and adventure is worth experiencing. Greg may not be the greatest protagonist adventure gaming has ever known, but his world and its challenges are beautiful, engaging, and deserving of exploration."[7] PocketMeta gave it a 4.8/5, saying that it was, "stylish, philosophical, and intelligent," and "how a Sci-fi adventure should be," [8] RPGFan gave it a 72/100 saying, "Despite decent production values, Lost Echo is a bit of a lost cause,"[9] God is a Geek gave it a 7/10 saying, "It does many things well, but only a few of them incredibly well and, despite a handful of good qualities, fresh ideas and solid mechanics, it fails to overwhelm,"[10] AppSpy gave it a 3/5 saying it was, "A handsome adventure game with an enticing air of mystery let down by poor pacing and bland dialogue,"[11] It got a Metacritic score of 71/100[12]


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