Lost River Caverns

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Lost River Caverns
Rentzeimer's Cave, Lost Cave
Lost River Caverns
Location Hellertown, Pennsylvania, USA
Coordinates 40°34′51″N 75°19′51″W / 40.58083°N 75.33083°W / 40.58083; -75.33083Coordinates: 40°34′51″N 75°19′51″W / 40.58083°N 75.33083°W / 40.58083; -75.33083
Depth 80 feet
Length 1200 feet
Discovery 1883
Geology Limestone
Entrances 1
Difficulty easy
Hazards occasionally rocks are slippery
Access Fee (approximately $13.25 USD for adults, $8.25 USD for children)

Lost River Caverns is a natural limestone cavern consisting of 5 chambers. The caverns were formed by the karstification or dissolving of the limestone by water. In the past the caverns have been called Rentzheimer's Cave and Lost Cave.[1] The "Lost River", so named because the source and mouth of the river have not yet been discovered, flows through it. The caverns are located on the east side of Hellertown, Pennsylvania, United States. The temperature in the cave is consistently in the 52 °F (11 °C) area. There is a gift shop and a museum before the entrance.

It was discovered in 1883 when a limestone quarry cut into it. It is currently open to the public.


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