Lough Bane

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Lough Bane
An Loch Bán
Location County Meath and County Westmeath
Coordinates 53°41′20″N 7°10′20″W / 53.68889°N 7.17222°W / 53.68889; -7.17222Coordinates: 53°41′20″N 7°10′20″W / 53.68889°N 7.17222°W / 53.68889; -7.17222
Type Glacial lake
Basin countries Ireland
Surface elevation 120 m (390 ft)

Lough Bane (Irish: An Loch Bán) is a lough situated on the borders of County Meath and County Westmeath in Ireland. The border between the two counties runs east–west through the centre of the lake.

The lake, the largest of a group of three lakes - Lough Glass, Lough Bane, and Lough Glass North - is located about 10 km from Oldcastle, Co. Meath, and forms part of the public water supply for the north Meath area. At up to 16 meters depth, it is deeper than nearby lakes such as Lough Sheelin or Lough Ramor. The lake hosted a population of wild brown trout but has also been stocked by the Lough Bane Angling Association, who control fishing on the lake. Other species include perch, rainbow trout, eel, and pike.

The lakes are a Special Area of Conservation[1] with white-clawed crayfish and Chara, or stonewort, as features of interest.


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