Louie Says

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Louie Says
Origin USA
Genres indie rock
Years active 1997
Labels RCA Records
Past members Sam Slovick
Clark Stiles
Josh Crawley

Louie Says was an indie rock trio on the RCA Records label. The group consisted of Clark Stiles, Sam Slovick, and Josh Crawley. They released two CDs in 1997; one was a demo EP called Cold to the Touch, the other was their debut (and only) album entitled Gravity, Suffering, Love, and Fate.

Despite the group's short lived career they produced one notable song - She. She was featured in popular American television shows such as Dawson’s Creek (Episode No. 111 - Double Date) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Episode 2x05 - Reptile Boy) when those shows appeared on the now defunct WB network.


  • Clark Stiles - Guitar, Bass, Drums, etc.
  • Sam Slovick - Lead Vocals
  • Josh Crawley - Keyboards and Vocals


  • Cold to the Touch (EP), 1997
  • Gravity, Suffering, Love, and Fate, 1997

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