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Louis Alemayehu is an American poet, educator, musician, and community organizer.[1]


Alemayehu was born December 31, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois to parents of African, American Indian, and European descent.[1]

Alemayehu teaches Environmental Sustainability at the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs in Minneapolis Minnesota. He has also been a community organizer with Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM).[2] As a writer, Alemayehu has used his poetry and storytelling to unite communities over environmental concerns.[3] Alemayehu is a founding member of the award winning poetry/jazz ensemble Ancestor Energy and a co-founder with Juanita Espinoza of the Native Arts Circle.[4] Alemayehu participated in Occupy Minnesota events in 2011.[5] He serves on the Minneapolis Energy Partnership Board.[6] He is a Buddhist[6] and is the father of 2 daughters, Hanika Mahalia Alemayehu and Eden Luzia Alemayehu.[7]


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