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Titleplate from "Nieuw Schouburg", Jan van Gool's 1750 sequel to Arnold Houbraken's "Schouwburg" (1718). This version presents the writers in alphabetical order, rather than birth order, and makes many corrections and additions to the text. Later editions after 1751 do not include the original titlepage plate.

Louis Fabricius Dubourg or Louis Fabritius Dubourg was an historical painter, and an engraver. He was born at Amsterdam in 1693, and died there in 1775. He was a pupil of De Lairesse and Jacob van Huysum. After producing several beautiful pictures, some of which may be seen at the Westerkerk and the New Church at Amsterdam, he exchanged the brush for the graver, and executed some vignettes and other small compositions, and also etched a number of plates from his own designs. His collection of pictures and drawings was sold at Amsterdam in 1776.

Title page after an image by Dubourg of an edition of Seneca's Tragedies, Delft 1728.


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