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Louis Joubin

Louis Marie Adolphe Olivier Édouard Joubin (27 January 1861 in Épinal – 24 April 1935) was a professor at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris. He published works on nemerteans, chaetognatha, cephalopods, and other molluscs.[1]

He served as an assistant to Henri de Lacaze-Duthiers, subsequently becoming director of the laboratories at Banyuls-sur-Mer (1882) and Roscoff (1884). Later on, he became an instructor at the University of Rennes,[2] and in 1903 succeeded Edmond Perrier as chaire des mollusques, des vers et des zoophytes at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (from 1917 onward his title was chaire des mollusques).[3] In 1906 he was chosen by Albert I, Prince of Monaco to be in charge of instruction at the Institut océanographique.[2]

In 1905 he was named president of the Société zoologique de France. In 1920 he became a member of the Académie des Sciences.[2]

Joubin's squid (Joubiniteuthis portieri) is named for him,[4] as is Scolymastra joubini, a hexactinellid sponge whose lifespan is purportedly 10,000 years.[5]

Joubin's laboratory at the Institut Océanographique (1911).

Written works[edit]

  • Les Némertiens, 1894 - Nemerteans.
  • Contribution à l'étude des Céphalopodes de l'Atlantique Nord, 1895 - Contributions to the study of cephalopods of the North Atlantic.
  • Expédition antarctique française (1903-1905) : commandée par le Dr. Jean Charcot. Science naturelles: documents scientifiques. - French Antarctic Expedition (1903–05) : commanded by Jean Baptiste Charcot, Natural science: scientific documents of the expedition.
  • Deuxième expédition antarctique française (1908-1910) / Sciences naturelles: documents scientifiques. - Second French Antarctic Expedition (1908–10) / Natural sciences: scientific documents of the expedition.
  • La vie dans les océans, 1912 - Life in the oceans.
  • Chétognathes provenant des campagnes des yachts Hirondelle et Princesse-Alice, 1885-1910 (with Louis Germain), 1916 - Chaetognatha from campaigns of the yachts Hirondelle and Princesse-Alice, 1885-1910.
  • Le fond de la mer, 1920 - The bottom of the sea.
  • Les métamorphoses des animaux marins, 1926 - Metamorphosis of marine animals.
  • Éléments de biologie marine, 1928 - Elements of marine biology.
  • Faune ichthyologique de l'Atlantique nord, 1929 - Ichthyological fauna of the North Atlantic.
  • "Cephalopods from the scientific expeditions of Prince Albert I of Monaco"; published in 1995 into English.[6][7]


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