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Louis Seeger (1798–1865) was a German equestrian who published several books and was influential in the development of dressage. Trained under Maximilian Weyrother, his methods were highly influenced by the great François Robichon de la Guérinière. Seeger passed on this knowledge through his riding school in Berlin, the first private school in Germany, where his students included Gustav Steinbrecht.

His book System der Reitkunst, "System of the Art of Riding", published in 1844, received the gold medal. In 1852 he published Herr Baucher und seine Künste - Ein ernstes Wort an Deutschlands Reiter, "Monsieur Baucher and his Methods", in which he criticized the training techniques of Francois Baucher, after he had watched the French rider and been given the chance to ride several horses produced by the man.[1]

Published works[edit]

  • System der Reitkunst Berlin: Herbig 1844 Full text ("System of the Art of Riding")
  • Züchtung, Erziehung, Ausbildung des Pferdes im systematischen Zusammenhange Berlin: Herbig 1850. Full text ("Breeding, training and schooling of the horse in a coherent system")
  • Herr Baucher und seine Künste - Ein ernstes Wort an Deutschlands Reiter Berlin: Herbig 1852 Full text ("Monsieur Baucher and his Methods")


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