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Portrait of Marijke Meu by Louis Volders

Louis Volders (fl. 1689–1714) was a Flemish or Dutch painter, who worked from about 1690 to 1713 at Henry Casimir II and John William Friso's Stadhouderlijk Hof in Leeuwarden.

There is uncertainty if Louis Volders and Lancelot Volders (March 1636, Brussels - March 1723, Brussels) are distinct individuals. Most paintings attributed to Louis are signed "L Volders" on the back, though in one case he used his full name, "Louis Volders". Incorrect reading of his signature attributed some of the paintings even to Jan Volders in older literature.[1] Lancelot's activities as a painter were mainly between 1657 and 1675 in Brussels, though a group portrait of city judges preserved in Leuven City Hall that is traditionally attributed to him was painted in 1703.[citation needed] It has been suggested that Lancelot and Louis were father and son,[citation needed] while others argue that Lancelot and Louis were the same person.[1] At any rate, an origin is Brussels is likely, and Princess Henriëtte Amalia of Anhalt-Dessau may have discovered Louis Volders during her visit to Brussels in 1689.[2]

Portraits by Volders remain in the collections of his German and Dutch descendants of the Dutch kings and of the Friesian Stadhouders. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam own examples of his miniature portraits. His works are in the collections of Eysinga (now in the Frisian Museum) and Sminia (now H. W. Herwarth von Bittenfeld).


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